How to use the social media as a media missionary

Using social media as a media missionary can be a powerful tool for sharing the message of God’s love, connecting with a broader audience, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Here are some key points to consider when using social media as a media missionary: By following these guidelines and leveraging the power of social media, […]

Benefits of joining DCN300 – The Discipleship Communication Network of Global Frontiers Institute for Total Member Involvement in Friendship Evangelism and Personal Witnessing

Joining DCN300 – The Discipleship Communication Network of Global Frontiers Institute offers a multitude of benefits for individuals seeking Total Member Involvement in Friendship Evangelism, Personal Witnessing, and nurturing fruitful disciples to glorify God through care groups in their respective mini-centers of influence and member homes of H4J (Homes for Jesus) Communities of the followers […]

Vision, mission, goals, objectives, and activities of DCN300 – The Discipleship Communication Network of Global Frontiers Institute

Vision:To establish DCN 300 as a vibrant and connected community, serving as the communication network of the Global Frontiers Institute, where disciples and media professionals converge to foster spiritual growth and meaningful connections. Mission:DCN 300 is dedicated to creating a dynamic platform that empowers disciples and media professionals within the Global Frontiers Institute to effectively […]

“Peter, Do you love me?”

In John 21:15-17, Jesus asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Each time, Peter responds affirmatively, and Jesus responds with a command to feed His sheep. This exchange is rich with significance, reflecting the importance of love in our relationship with Christ and in our service to others. Scripture Portion: John 21:15-17 (NIV) “When […]

Psalms that convey wisdom

Here are a few examples of Psalms that convey wisdom: 1. **Psalm 37:** This Psalm advises trust in God’s justice and wisdom, encouraging righteousness and patience in the face of the prosperity of the wicked. 2. **Psalm 90:** A prayer of Moses, this Psalm reflects on the eternal nature of God and the brevity of […]

The value of the law of God conveyed in Psalms 119

Psalm 119 is a remarkable expression of the value and importance of God’s law. Throughout its 176 verses, the psalmist extols various aspects of God’s law and its significance in the life of the believer. Here are some key themes from Psalm 119 regarding the value of God’s law: 1. **Love and Delight:** The psalmist […]

Importance of God’s Word for the followers of Jesus Christ in the last days

For followers of Jesus Christ, the Word of God holds profound significance, especially in the last days or end times. Here are several reasons why the Word of God remains essential: 1. **Source of Truth:** The Bible is regarded as the ultimate authority for Christian belief and practice. In a time of increasing moral relativism […]

How to make a prayer journal

Making a prayer journal can be a deeply personal and spiritually enriching activity. Here’s a simple guide to get you started: 1. **Choose Your Journal**: Select a notebook or journal that you feel drawn to. It could be a plain notebook, a fancy journal, or even a digital app if you prefer. 2. **Set an […]